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This masterpiece of a fan theory connects the darker tower to it, the shining, misery, 112263, the shawshank redemption, salems lot and more. In the pll book series a was the real alison the girl who the. The 14 most convincing pretty little liars fan theories. We chatted about what made him decide to tackle writing a book, whether any of those pretty little liars fan theories actually hold water, and what. See more ideas about pretty little liars theories, pretty little liars, liar. Recently, we asked members of the buzzfeed community to tell us their best pretty little liars theory. Pretty little liars fan theories actually influenced the.

They stopped by our studio to tell us their reactions when finding out who a is. Essentially, a shadowy organization called the shop. There are a lot of things that any good pll theory needs to touch on. But, the theories themselves are often pretty insane. Pretty little liars favorite fan theories exclusive interview iheartradio. The goto source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Lucass comic book hints he was part of the pretty little liars. Because we, as fans, always bring our a game and come up with the most bombass theories ever. The liars have officially received the comic book treatment well, kind of. The worst fan base in my opinion is the fnaf fan base, especially 10 year olds who think fnaf 3 is the best one.

Did it surprise you that the spencer has a twin theory cropped up so early this season. Fan theories thatll totally change the way you read these comics. Little liars books, preety little liars, abc family, ashley benson, pll quotes. We have about three million questions caroline fergusson. In the novel series, alison had a twin sister who stole alisons life. Case and point, somebody on the show really turning out to have an. The pretty little liars get transformed into comic book.

The illustration depicts the five main liars, drawn as comic book characters. You cant reason with them at all because they have their heads in the toilet. Ian harding just debunked one of the biggest pll fan theories. Fan theories have become a very important part of the pretty little liars. This insanely popular pretty little liars fan theory. Fan theories that totally change these comics looper. Lets be honest, most theories we read about pretty little liars sound crazy to us, up until the moment they actually happen. One of the theories to bring this about is the scenario which speculates that the villain nightmare might come into play. Comic book fans know nightmare well as one of doctor stranges chief rivals, being an entity who rules over the dream dimension, a world where human minds are tormented while they sleep. The pll finale is approaching and fans everywhere have ideas about the end.

Theories of how pretty little liars will end that may. Pretty little liars top 3 favorite fan theories explained. Over the decades, there have been numerous incarnations and reboots of popular characters such. Pretty little liars should return in the decade ahead. I mean we basically know everything there is to know about the shows relationships, its. Troian bellisario on the pretty little liars series finale. Pretty little liars ended with alex drake being revealed as a. Click here to see the crazy theories fans have concocted.

Pretty little liars favorite fan theories exclusive. The iconic mystery series ended in 2017, but this shouldnt be the. The prevailing theory was that he would play a member of the original comic book guardians lineup. So today, ive picked 3 of my favorites and were going to do some. Check out the photo of the pretty little liars as comic book. Yondu had already appeared in the first film, but this time around, fans got to see the entire original lineup. In a recent post, marlene shared some fan art that is earning all the doubletaps. Pll fantasy world a little bit longer by sharing fan art that transformed the. What might be even more amazing is the insane story of how this classic of the comic book medium supposedly came to be. All will be revealed when pll says so and not a moment sooner. Pretty little liars series alternate ending, theory refinery29. Alright guys, there are so many fan theories surrounding pll that its kind of hard to keep track of them all. Pretty little liars is in the final stretch, and there are a lot of a. After jessica dilaurentis and mary drake were revealed to be twins, youd think pll would have enough twins on the show.

Throughout the course of the series, fans online had a lot of different theories about who might have been. Instagram fan accounts pll, riverdale page creators. This pretty little liars scene might confirm the most. Pretty little liars fans are always theorizing, even now that the. These 14 pretty little liars are so crazy, they will keep you up tonight. These theories about how pretty little liars ends cover. There have been numerous incarnations and reboots throughout dc comics history, which has given way for quite a few outlandish fan theories. As pretty little liars fans, we have seen a lot of sht go down in rosewood over the past seven years. Without a doubt, comic book fans are in a class of their ownwell. One of the leading fan theories of the moment is that spencer hastings has a twin, and that twin could be a. Agent carter, antiman, blue marvel, comic book, fan theories, marvel, marvel universe, whitney frost. Without a doubt, comic book fans are in a class of their ownwell, aside from star wars fans, game of thrones fans, bronies, beliebersyou. Pretty little liars is, without a doubt, one of the most successful teen dramas of the last decade and, frankly, of all time.

Pretty little liars fans are always theorizing, even now that the shows over. Here are a bunch of fan theories from comic books that will leave you thinking. Pretty little liars meme, preety little liars, pretty little liars theories, best tv shows. Its almost time for endgame in rosewood, and the internet is buzzing with these pretty little liars fan theories about season 7b. She had the liars find lucas and charlottes comic books so they could. Believe it or not, theres only three episodes left of pretty little liars, which means fans will finally get all the answers theyve been waiting for very soon. Comic books have been around for a very long time, with superheroes having led the industry since the 1930s. See more ideas about pretty little liars, pretty and pll. The fantastic four were created by stan lee and artist jack kirby, but its wellknown that lees scripts which were pretty short to begin with got shorter and shorter with time until he ended up giving onesentence.

The pretty little liars are wrapping up their series. Despite the evidence supporting these fan theories, fans of pretty little liars know theres only one truth. The watchmen comic book series never suggested that there was anything off about ozymandias accent. Pll viewers love fan theories, but they rarely predicted the shows big twists in the past.

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