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Ration stamps became a kind of currency with each family being issued a war ration book. Pricing depends on rarity, and they get more value, the more provenance you can document tying it to particular families, particular persons, and so on. Throughout the 1940s and for nine years after the end of the war every man woman and child in britain owned ration books of coupons for food and clothing. I was given 6 war ration books with most of the stamps still in them. The opa token would now represent 1 point and an opa stamp would be worth 10 of these newread more. Thing 1 do you remember american history british history blitz world war ii social studies ephemera wwii. If you notice it states, that if you are not happy with your item send back for full refund that is how i sell my items. The stamps contained in this book are valid only after the lawful holder of this book.

Rationing is the controlled distribution of scarce resources, goods, or services, or an artificial. War ration book one ration coupons on the home front, 1942. Guide to the world war ii ration coupon collection, 19421946. When tokens came into use, the purchaser could receive three tokens, each worth one point, in exchange. Canadian war ration books food rationing in canada 19421947.

Make offer 57738 1943 world war ii war ration book for ruth holmgren hartford, conn. What is the value of war ration book four with stamps inside. Specialized private collectors may pay a little more for unused books in mint condition. Canadian war ration books food rationing in canada 1942. Q i have two objects in my possession that i would like. The office of price administration opa warned americans of potential. Heres a look at what those ration books and rationing stamps looked like. Make offer vintage lot of 4 world war ii war ration book wstamps inside konczal family 57738 1943 world war ii war ration book for ruth holmgren hartford, conn. Digital collection wwii war ration book 4 american centuries. More than 8,000 ration boards across the country administered the program. Well, can you think of a resource that not only gives you name, address, age and occupation, but also height and weight of a person. Ration book four was printed in red, blue and green.

War ration book two ration coupons on the home front. What is the value of world war 2 ration books with. They usually contain patriotic messages about their part in the war effort. Historic recipes world war ii cookbook created ration. The site genealogy today offered a database to search for ration books. War ration books were produced by the united states office of price administration in 1942 when united states officially entered the second world war. Background paper contains stylized great seal and the phrase u. Distributed may 20, 1943 the coupons used for food and other commodities. Historic recipes world war ii cookbook created ration worthy meals.

The office of price administration opa was in charge of rationing consumer goods such as sugar, coffee, shoes, household appliances, and other goods during world war ii. Ration book four also included spare stamps that were occasionally validated for the purchase of five extra pounds of pork. Initially used to ration sugar, coupons were later designated for other products. The first two images explain how ration books were to be used. Each book required different identification and some were more detailed than others. Brief history opa stands for office of price administration tokens replaced the green ration stamps for processed food on feb 20, 1944 stopped being issued in 1945 used to ration retail items during the end of wwii. War ration stamps were a common item, and they are not in high demand as a collectible item, making their value fairly low. Original ww ii us home front collectibles for sale ebay. Each page is separate so you can include what you need. Here are some facts about rationing during ww2 in britain. Food rationing lasted for 14 years in britain, from 1940 until 1954. How gas rationing worked during world war ii richard lentinello on dec 30th, 2019 at 8. To prevent hoarding and skyrocketing prices, the office of price administration issued 123 million copies of war ration book one, which contained stamps that could be used to purchase sugar. Make offer world war ii 1943 ration book four wstamps pennsylvania d.

Between 1942 1947, the government issued four different series of ration books. Home front coupons, rare book, manuscript, and special collections library, duke university. An advantage of tokens was that they never expired, while the stamps did. Jan 14, 20 the nations supply of sugar was quickly reduced by more than a third.

These are relics of the world war ii era of savings bond marketing. Food rationing during world war 2 primary homework help. Due to rationing, cooking during the world war ii era required some special recipes. Each stamp authorized a purchase of rationed goods in the quantity and time designated, and the book guaranteed each family its fair share of goods made scarce, thanks to the war. Living off rations with ration book cooking day one.

Can you tell me more about rationing from this period and what the ones i have might be worth. Note the first stamps in war ration book one will be used for the purchase of sugar. The opa accepted ration book applications and issued ration books, from which consumers tore out stamps in order to purchase food and other supplies at grocery stores. Rationing was officially started on 8th january 1940. Coupons and rationing during world war ii dealhack. When i was a kid in the postwar era we had lots of red cents and ration books with those wheat points sitting around the kitchen. I forgot to schedule a thanksgiving post, so after the rabid consumerism many americans display on black friday weekend and throughout the christmas shopping season, i think this topic is, in a way, highly relevant to the holidays. However, on february 27, 1944, the opa token made its debut. We are seeking ration book covers manufactured by private companies such as banks and others.

Meat rationing continued for 10 years after dday june 1954 in 1946, when food was just as short as during the preceding years, bread was added to the ration and the sweet ration. Vintage lot of 4 world war ii war ration book wstamps inside konczal family. Common world war ii donations the national wwii museum. Each stamp was illustrated with a military symbol such as a naval ship, airplane, tank, gun, horn of plenty or torch of liberty, adding a patriotic flair. My grandmother recently died peacefully at 95, and while my sisters and i were going through old boxes in.

While war ration stamps are not rare, many people find this type of historical memorabilia interesting. You could buy stamps at the post office, put them in a book, then trade the book for a savings bond when it was full. World war ll ration book printable pdf teaching history. Meat rationing continued for 10 years after dday june 1954 in 1946, when food was just as short as during the preceding years, bread was added to the ration and the sweet ration was halved. Background search genealogists are always in search of new record sources when confronted with a brick wall. In the late 1940s the conservative party exploited and incited growing public anger at rationing, scarcity, controls, austerity and government bureaucracy.

World war ii 2 ration book no 3 family set partially used coupon stamp wwii us. Rationing in the us was introduced in stages during world war ii. Print or photocopy onto coloured card and staple together. Civilians first received ration bookswar ration book number one, or the sugar bookon 4 may 1942, through more than 100,000 schoolteachers, pta groups, and other volunteers 7. My grandmother recently died peacefully at 95, and while my sisters and i were. This meant planning meals carefully, being creative with menus, and not wasting food. The stamps didnt pay interest, so nowadays, theyre still worth their face value.

Ration books were given to everyone in britain who then registered in a shop of their choice. At auction, the two sets of ration books did not generate a lot of bids. Office of price administration opa froze prices on practically all everyday goods, starting with sugar and coffee. What is the value of world war 2 ration books answers. No sugar could legally be bought without stamps, and sugar rationing would continue until supplies returned to normal in 1947.

During the second world war, you couldnt just walk into a shop and buy as much sugar or butter or meat as you wanted, nor could you fill up your car with gasoline whenever you liked. Once a persons ration stamps were used up for a month, she couldnt buy any more of that type of food. During spring 1942, the government introduced rationing of certain consumer items that were in short supply. Jan 31, 20 antique world war ii ration books are not rare,antiques expert larry cox answers readers questions about world war ii ration books, blakely china and commemorative coins. A common ration book fraud was the ration books of the dead being kept and used by the living. Making an exception to my pre1922 only rule, here are some high quality scans of u. The paper stubs, or stamps, in each ration book purchased rationed consumer goods and foods. Even though i was born in oct of 1941 i had one and what was not used i still have. A world war 2 ration book template containing 12 pages and a front and back cover. The items rationed included canned goods, meats, sugar, coffee, tires, gas and more. Rationing in wwii doing their duty by doing without a bas relief panel on the world war ii memorial in washington, d. According to exhibit hall, war ration stamps are only worth a few cents each, and entire books generally sell for a few dollars. During world war ii, ration books were distributed to families by the office of price administration opa to help regulate food shortages as a result of the war.

Identification of item, in the world war ii ration coupon collection, 19421946, david m. How to use your ration coupons color version youtube. Staining, soiling and other cosmetic damage would detract from the resale value of your wwii era ephemera. The ministry of foods carefully formulated diet is generally believed to have improved the nations health. This book is your governments guarantee of your fair share of goods made scarce by war, to which the stamps herein will be assigned as the need arises. The work of issuing ration books and exchanging used stamps for certificates was. Find great deals on ebay for world war 2 ration books. Rationing is a vital part of your countrys war effort. On august 15, 1945, world war ii gas rationing was ended on the west coast of the united states.

It was meant to ensure a fair distribution of food, in short supply due to enemy ships attacking merchant ships, preventing them from bringing supplies such as sugar, cereals, fruit and meat to the uk. World war ii ration books, 194345 collection information biographical sketch scope and content note cataloging information processed by emily castle august 2006 manuscript and visual collections department william henry smith memorial library indiana historical society 450 west ohio street indianapolis, in 462023269. Learn more about rationing for the war effort during world war ii with. Of the 180,000,000 printed, 123,000,000 were issued. World war 2 ration books the war ration was not very high. Get the best deals on wwii ration book when you shop the largest online.

Civilians first received ration bookswar ration book number one. Guide to the world war ii ration coupon collection, 1942. During wwii, countless products were limited in order to help meet the demands both of the military and the citizens back home. Collection consists of ration coupons, stickers, permits, and certificates for tires, bicycles, typewriters, sugar, shoes, fuel oil, gasoline, and food which were issued by the office of price administration between 19421946. This was to prevent hoarding and to ensure everyone got. Sep 18, 2011 here is the once lost color version of how to use your ration coupons. World war ii rationing stamps program, 19431946 overview of the collection title world war ii rationing stamps program dates 19431946 inclusive 1943 1946 quantity 1 box. Curatorial has many ration booklets and stamps, but our education department is still looking for ration books. Jun 24, 2019 interesting question, since i have some as family heirlooms, meaning they are not for sale. Jan 25, 2012 a familys ration books from world war ii. Around 1939, when world war ii began, the united kingdom imported twothirds of its food, all of which had to be shipped over oceans teeming with german uboats. World war ii opa red point ration tokens wwii, rare mm. War ration book one ration coupons on the home front.

Youll notice that they change slightly throughout the war. Harry rinker, a freelance story for the morning call the morning call. At an auction less than a week later, i found another group of ration books for a family with children. I recently inherited my familys world war ii ration books, including paper coupons and coins. Soon after the japanese attack on pearl harbor and americas subsequent entrance into world war ii, it. I have all four books, the first one only has three stamps left, book 2 is empty, book 3 has three full pages and one page that is only missing three stamps, book four has one full page of green stamps, five red stamps, nine blue stamps loose, 34 black spare stamps attached, with three more. Rationing was introduced temporarily by the british government several times during the 20th century, during and immediately after a war at the start of the second world war in 1939, the united kingdom was importing 20 million long tons of food per year, including about 70% of its cheese and sugar, almost 80% of fruit and about 70% of cereals and fats. Ration book four also introduced red and blue cardboard tokens, each valued at onepoint, to be used as change for ration coupon purchases. How gas rationing worked during world war ii hemmings daily. This article may feature affiliate links to amazon or other companies, and purchases made via these links may earn us a small commission at no additional. Shortly after the commencement of world war two, rationing was introduced in canada on january 24, 1942, to limit the use of imported food and to free up supplies for the military and their allies.

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