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Countess draculathe vampire lovers midnite movies double feature by peter sasdy. It holds up well to any vampire film made today and is more believably seductive perhaps because its central vampire is old enough to understand sexuality. Mgms midnite movies a comprehensive list of all movies midnite. But theres a wrinkle in her plan when her beloved captain dobi, stumbles on her bloody secret and she finally learns that a little. Woman of desire 1994 by lightning at tuesday, october 04, 2016 0 storyline. Horror of dracula is possibly the best retelling of dracula in film in my opinion. She is unique in that she switches between four different masters rin tohsaka, rani viii, shinji matou, and hakuno kishinami as a lancerclass servant.

The vampire lovers was a big success, and shortly thereafter, pitt was offered the even more challenging role of countess dracula. The vampire lovers 1970 yify download movie torrent yts. The countess pretending to be her own daughter starts dallying with a younger man, much to dobis annoyance. For lesser known stuff, im a big fan of the vampire lovers.

Staring patience collier, sandor eles, ingrid pitt and kate omara. Watch countess dracula porn videos for free, here on. Horror 1971 87 minutes color when a voracious vampire vixen ingrid pitt discovers that virgins blood holds the secret to eternal youth, its no time at all before shes squeezing her sweet young chambermaids into a bloodchilling beauty cream. Carmilla 1980 is a blackandwhite madefortelevision adaptation from poland, starring singer izabela trojanowska in the title role and monika stefanowicz as laura. Her big jugs are suckalicious and offered up throughout the movie, as are the sexy sacks of. She was based on a real hungarian countess elisabeth bathory who bathed in the blood of virgins which she believed kept her looking young and fair for a more accurate version see the legend of blood castle with ewa aulin. She later acts as the berserkerclass servant of meltlilith. Here vampire cinema suddenly discovered sexual liberation and was filled with a deluge of sex vampires, predominantly of the lesbian variety, with the films of jean rollin and hammers karnstein trilogy beginning with the vampire lovers 1970, as well as the likes of vampyros lesbos 1970, the velvet vampire 1971, the blood spattered. Both the vampire lovers and countess dracula look stunning, thanks to.

The countess is called away to tend a sick friend and imposes on the general to accept her daughter marcilla as a houseguest. Polishborn actress ingrid pitts erotically supercharged presence is the highlight of this double bill of vampire chills from hammer films. May 15, 2018 elvira is travelling through the french countryside with her friend genevieve, searching for the lost tomb of a medieval murderess and possible vampire, countess wandessa. I could be flippant and say lesbian vampires, whats not to like. There is no direct connection made to hammers dracula series, aside from the title and some vague whispers of countess dracula on the soundtrack during the films closing shot.

Mgm has a done a fine job packaging this pair of ingrid pitt favorites in one tidy, generous package. The horror specialist hammer had moved from a merely luridly colorful to an overtly softcore aesthetic with the countess dracula also 1970, with pitt as a vampiric version of countess bathory. Blood orgy of the shedevils full horror movie youtube. Some of the villagers begin dying, however, and the generals daughter laura soon gets weak and pale, but marcilla is. Kiss of the vampire, the vampire lovers, the countess dracula twins of evil vampire circus kronos legend of the 7 golden vampires, the this label refers to the following compilation album. Count dracula and his vampire bride 1973 tv spot 2. The vampire lovers is not a darkly lit film, but a rather bright film in contrast to many others in its genre, interestingly. A yacht captain, jack lynch, is accused of murdering his boss and raping the victims wife, christina ford. Countess dracula 1971 the vampire lovers 1970 double. The countess dracula trilogy is a set of 3 seduction cinema straight to dvd films produced by frontline entertainment. The vampire lovers is a film that suggests that films about fanged villains dont have to focus on count dracula alone.

Oct 24, 2012 hammer horrors first foray into the vivid and bloody waters of dracula, also known as the horror of dracula to u. Some of the villagers begin dying, however, and the generals daughter laura soon gets weak and pale, but marcilla is there to comfort her. Castlevania is an animated series originally based on the game castlevania iii. Vampire lovers is a 1970 uk horror film by roy ward baker. Turner and helen become passionate lovers, exploring each other until turner s boss, deputy chief jenkins arrives. This one is set in the regency era in germany and stars hot twins who get their boobs out. Bloodlust features carmilla the bloody countess as its primary antagonist. Vampire circus 19711972 is an obscure hammer production from their declining years. Oct 21, 2007 i personally find blood and roses to be one of the most influential and important horror films ever made, and possibly roger vadims best movie. Countess dracula the vampire lovers double feature. Countess dracula has, of course, nothing whatsoever to do with countess dracula, but a great deal to do with the infamous elisabeth bathory, a sexual psychopath who tortured young girls for pleasure and bathed in their blood to restore her skin. Dracula had affairs with several mortal mistresses who he refused to turn into vampires so that they could bear him heirs. Daughters of darkness 1971 feature video dailymotion. A guide to the new wave of region b hammer blurays.

Prince of darkness moon zero two frankenstein must be destroyed when dinosaurs ruled the earth kiss of the vampire, the gorgon, the scars of dracula hands of the ripper curse of the mummys tomb, the vampire lovers, the creatures the world forgot curse of frankenstein, the dr. Historys most enduring figure of skinspiration to countless goth chicks, metalheads, and bugeyed horror freaks, elizabeth bathory was a seventeenthcentury hungarian countess who is believed to have been responsible for the torture and murder of dozens some say hundreds of virginal female nubiles. Countess dracula is a totally misleading title as the title character is not a vampire and is in no way related to dracula. Protected from possible repercussions by her powerful relatives, bathory slaughtered literally hundreds of victims, moving from castle to. The brides of dracula are characters in bram stokers 1897 novel dracula.

Nov 05, 2014 daughters of darkness is a stylish, fascinating, very erotic vampire film based on sheridan le fanus camilla, the classic tale of a lesbian vampire. Ads promoting the sex angle kept the kids away, but adults looking for kinky thrills were infuriated by obvious cuts that trimmed. She ends up killing young honeys and bathing in their red mess, which turns the aged nut into a nutdraining hottie, as evident in her portrayal by ingrid pitt. Cinesavants guide to the new wave of classic hammer blurays.

The great, great granddaughter of van helsing seeks to. In an ancient european kingdom, countess elisabeth nodosheen ingrid pitt discovers that she can restore her youthful appearance and sexual appetite by bathing in the blood of young women supplied by her steward and lover, captain dobi nigel green. A young married couple, stefan and valerie, honeymoon at a deserted oceanside resort where they meet countess elisabeth bathory and her companion ilona. Countess dracula concerns itself with the mysterious events that slowly unfold around the time of the ascension of the witchlike countess elisabethingrid pitt,a corrupt and mysterious woman who discovers that by bathing in the blood of virgins,she can restore some of her former beauty. No other sex tube is more popular and features more countess dracula scenes than pornhub. Discover the growing collection of high quality most relevant xxx movies and clips. Attempting to not only reap the more favorable parts of. The first season consists of four episodes of 2325 minutes each, which all premiered on july 7, 2017. Nov 05, 2014 horror 1971 87 minutes color when a voracious vampire vixen ingrid pitt discovers that virgins blood holds the secret to eternal youth, its no time at all before shes squeezing her sweet young chambermaids into a bloodchilling beauty cream. Elizabeth bathory was born on a family estate in nyirbator, kingdom of hungary, in 1560 or 1561, and spent her childhood at ecsed castle. It focussed on the female vampire in films such as countess dracula, and struck a two picture coproduction deal with shaw brothers.

The financial climate forced hammer to seek novel ways to spice up its output. Countess dracula nude scenes naked pics and videos at mr. Arguably starting with the film draculas daughter, the notion of the famous counts distaff side attracted audience members and storytellers. To me, the movie doesnt come off as exploitative at all. The nice vampire bram stokers dracula is a fearsome vampire that one would never want to cross. Alexs past returns to haunt him in more ways than one. Jekyll and sister hyde lust for a vampire quatermass and. This is a very good quality produced dvd of a film that stands the test of time and is surely a must for all those who like. Count yorga, vampire the return of count yorga countess dracula the vampire lovers cry of the banshee murders in the rue morgue the haunted palace the tower of london the house on skull mountain the mephisto waltz the land that time forgot the people that time forgot the masque of the red death the premature burial. In 1830, forty years to the day since the last manifestation of their dreaded vampirism, the karnstein heirs use the blood of an innocent to bring forth the evil that is the beautiful mircalla or as she was in 1710, carmilla. Finding that washing in the blood of young girls makes her young again she gets dobi to start abducting likely candidates.

For the best experience please update your browser. Watch thousands of horror movie trailers, from classic to upcoming. The source prints are generally in good condition despite a fair amount of speckling in vampire lovers at the reel changes. When a voracious vampire vixen ingrid pitt discovers that virgins blood holds the secret to eternal youth, its no time at all before shes squeezing her sweet young chambermaids into a bloodchilling beauty cream. Sending its gang of cuddly monsters off on a holiday at sea, genndy tartakovskys hotel transylvania 3. Outmatched, turner runs, taking refuge in the home of sultry helen wells. They are three seductive female vampire sisters who reside with count dracula in his castle in transylvania, where they entrance men with their beauty and charm, and then proceed to feed upon them. Hammer films fanatics will be especially delighted by the nice restoration jobs these films have been given. In medieval europe aging countess elisabeth rules harshly with the help of lover captain dobi. Jul 07, 2018 drac looks for a new countess in genndy tartakovskys third hotel transylvania cartoon. Smith is one example of an author who gave vampires a good side. Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in hd quality on any device you own. Regardless of orientation, the hammer vampire is a welcoming threat.

Though some of the sequels took a bit of a nose dive, this film starts the series off right and sets the standard for further hammer vampire films. The werewolf vs the vampire woman 1971 spanish horror youtube. Terms of activation by activating, you agree that you want to enable cloud technology to access your xfinity stream subscription on additional supported devices like computers and tablets, as well as the tv connected to your settop dvr via comcasts network. If you have forgotten your password, just type in your email address and yts will send you a link to reset your password. Her books, the vampire diaries series, have been turned into. Countess dracula hammer horror collection dvd 1971. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Hammers karnstein trilogy 19701971 sinful celluloid. Jul 11, 2011 alexs past returns to haunt him in more ways than one. Her father was baron george vi bathory of the ecsed branch of the family, brother of andrew bonaventura bathory, who had been voivode of transylvania, while her mother was baroness anna bathory 15391570, daughter of stephen bathory of somlyo. Countess dracula was also released on a double bill with vampire circus. The series is based on the dracula s curse story, incorporating elements from other games such as symphony of the night and curse of darkness. Aug 22, 2012 captain kronos is a highly influential take on the vampire hunter myth. Castlevania animated series castlevania wiki fandom.

The 10 hottest vampire movies of all time nsfw by dennis dermody. The vampire lovers was released on 26 august 2003 on dvd by mgm home video fox video as a doublesided midnite movies double feature dvd consisting of both the vampire lovers and countess dracula 1971. Countess dracula herself has already seduced two of the dancers, biting and sucking them into the world of the undead and she s not done. Influenced by sergio leones spaghetti westerns and full of rapiersharp wit and sly charm, it is understandably one of.

Also originally cut in the us for nudity that was not allowed in an r rated film, but again cuts were later mostly restored. History remembers her as the blood countess and shes thought to have inspired part of the dracula story. Browse nearly every horror movie ever made at all horror. It finally got one in 1936, but draculas daughter is an unconventional film that instead stars gloria holden as the countess daughter of dracula, without an appearance by lugosi. Countess dracula by peter sasdy ingrid pitt, nigel green. In countess dracula, pitt stars as an aging noblewoman inspired by the reallife. Countess dracula she brides of dracula, the blood from the mummys tomb.

Ingrid pitt of course starred in a film titled countess dracula, although the character in question was in fact ezebet bathori quite famous in her own right. From gloria holdens magnetic eyes in draculas daughter 1936 through ingrid pitts sultry invitation in the vampire lovers 1970 to the revivalist lesbian vampire killers, the. But theres a wrinkle in her plan when her beloved captain dobi, stumbles on her bloody secret and she. Oct 27, 2016 twins of evil is a 1971 horror film made by hammer film productions you know, the company that made cheap and cheesy horror movies in the 1960s and 70s, like all the dracula, frankenstein, and mummy movies.

In countess dracula, pitt stars as an aging noblewoman i. Jan 22, 2018 an offthecuff remark from writerproducer brian clemens, lunching in the elstree canteen, brought hammers dr jekyll and sister hyde 1971 to fruition in the summer of 1970. See more ideas about dracula, movie posters and horror movie posters. Retrospective documentary on the making of the 70s womeninprison exploitation cult favorites the big doll house 1971. I cant say enough about this elegant, erotic, horror film starring the divine delphine seyrig as an ageless vampire countess traveling with her cool blonde lover danielle ouimet and stopping at a coastal offseason grand hotel in ostend. Countess dracula 1971 is a bloodthirsty old lady who discovers the fountain of youth is gushing with the blood of hot virgins. Sailor suit lily lovers 1983 art history 2011 rope and boys 1987 intimate confessions of a chinese courtesan 1972. The 10 hottest vampire movies of all time nsfw paper.

Jan 24, 2017 the vampire lovers 1970 by lightning at tuesday, january 24, 2017 0 storyline. The original music score was composed by harry robertson. While they are promoted as 3 films of the same series, outside of the films location and del howison as the character renfield the 3 movies are hardly related to one another other than all three revolve around female lesbian vampires. An allfemale version of the van helsing tale reconfigures the vampire story as an erotic fantasy. Countess dracula was cut and released as a pg, and the vampire lovers was heavily cut, but still saddled with an r rating. In the vampire lovers, pitt plays carmilla also using the name mircalla and marcilla, a centuriesold. Scream factory released the film on bluray on 30 april 20. Countess dracula is often unfairly viewed by fans and critics as a poor relation to the vampire lovers but its an effective little chiller in its own right. Blood orgy of the shedevils lorraine and mark enter the world of witchcraft where mara foretells the future and helps them remember their past lives. Trailercountessdracula scanner internet archive html5 uploader 1.

I am very pleased to add this excellent example of the vampire movie genre to my collection starring the queen of horror, the gorgeous and talented ingrid pitt. Phibes rises again 86 virgin witch 87 tower of evil 88 the flesh and blood show 89 raw meat 90 the asphyx 91 the house that dripped blood 92 vault of horror 93 from. D 1972 hammer films femme fatales caroline munro maniac i dont want to be born captain kronos vampire hunter dr. Attempting to not only reap the more favorable parts of her husbands. She is able to be summoned by the protagonist in the grand orders of fategrand. Similar searches vampire seduction horror tentacles vampire feeding vampire lesbian vampire seduction tentacle uncensored horror lesbian vampire lesbians horror fuck vampire bite full movie horror xxx brother hypnotized sister hypnotized strip sister lesbian vampire lesbian vampires tentacle porn. Glenn erickson and i recently had a discussion about the state of the classic hammer studios bluray releases, in light of warner brothers recent four disc set. Popular culture, however, has changed vampires into appealing sensual protectors and lovers. Jeremy pauls script plays fastandloose with the facts of the reallife case that inspired this story but it delivers a wellmodulated mix of chills and sauciness at a fast pace. The vampire lovers carries a bit of a greenish cast to it, though im not certain whether thats intentional or just a side effect of the notoriously unstable eastmancolor of the period. The vampire lovers 1970 by lightning at tuesday, january 24, 2017 0 storyline. Shop countess dracula 1971 the vampire lovers 1970 double feature us import dvd region 1 ntsc.

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